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SOS: Do you want to save your supplements?

A campaign by Consumers For Health Choice called Save Our Supplements(SOS) is calling for the Government to take action to stop the European Union implementing new laws which will govern how supplements are bought and sold in the United Kingdom.

Further job losses

SOS  argues that new regulations will not only undermine the customers freedom to make informed decisions on which products they will buy, it will also impact businesses in the UK and it is estimated that 700 health food stores could close at the expense of over 4000 jobs on the High Street.

Most people would agree that anything that causes further job losses in the UK should be met with extreme scrutiny and should be avoided if necessary.

Don’t pick on the little guy..

SOS also argue that this type legislation will also hurt smaller companies who are often responsible for developing innovative new products and may even price them out the market completely as they will not be able to afford the financial investment required to ensure that they comply with the new rules imposed on them.

Another blow to the industry

It isn’t the first time that the nutrition industry has been dealt such a blow and as recent as 2012 the government decided to add VAT to many nutrition products that were previously exempt from tax.

This  appeared like a massive contradiction as the government was also talking about adding tax to foods that they seen as unhealthy and many people felt that this was just a way for the government to increase tax revenue.

Many people recognise that some type of regulation within the industry is important to protect the health of consumers, but overregulation could also destroy businesses and stop individuals making the decisions that they want when it comes to their own health.

If you believe that you have a right to choose how you take care of your own health, please show your support, there are a few ways you can help:

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